DXN Wellness Centre, Malaysia

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DXN Wellness Centre offers both members and the public access to a range of health care services. A training centre complete with accommodation eases members of the DXN family that travels from around the world. The public on the other hand, is given the opportunity to utilize other facilities such as patient consultation services and an exhibition gallery displaying the history of DXN as well as its Spirulina and Ganoderma exhibition. The Wellness Centre emphasizes on the conservation of the environment. The minimum cutting of the steep slope does not only retain most of the earth’s shape, but gives the terraced form of the building an aesthetically beautiful architecture as well. In addition to that, the concept behind the design of the main building - the training centre - is based on the company’s well-known Lingzhi mushroom. With its top quality facilities and amenities, the aim of DXN Wellness Centre is to provide the best quality of service to members and the public.


Just Architecture x Tasquare


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